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Panda Hub Inc

Panda Hub Air Püre

Panda Hub Air Püre

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3-Stage Filtration

The Air Püre has a 3-Stage filtration system that’s so thorough, it can remove up to 99.99% of all impurities from the air. That’s a huge claim, but the device can deliver, thanks to the multiple filter layers 


01  Filter 1: Primary filter

Its first and primary filter later removes human and animal hair from your surroundings, which is great if you’re allergic to animal pollen.

02  Filter 2: Activated Carbon filter

The Activated Carbon filter absorbs and decomposes organic matter and chemical pollution.

03  Filter 3: HEPA filter

The second filter layer is the HEPA filter, and this is designed to remove large particle pollutants like PM2.5 and PM10.



UV-C Light Sterilization

UV-C light sterilization is something most people don’t know much about.
Ultraviolet lights are built into the Air Püre device. The light’s wavelength is harmless to you but deadly to germs and other microorganisms. 

The light disrupts their DNA, killing them instantly and purifying your air.




High Performance

Enjoy fresh air in minutes with the Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier. Featuring Vortex Air Technology and 360° air intake, the Core 300 cleans the car cabin in 10 minutes, 219 ft² in 12 minutes (CADR: Dust 140/Pollen 145/Smoke 141)




Additional Features



Whisper-level operations

Air Püre is designed to operate with almost undetectable sound




Add Essential Oils or Scents

Compatible with almost any scent, and all you have to do is add the essential oil to the sponge. Customize your private space to have whatever aroma you want.




Super Portable

The Air Püre device isn’t designed for large spaces. Instead, it’s perfect for your car, office or other small rooms.



Proven filter performance

At Panda we believe in total transparency and are happy to share the results of our filter tests.


254 CADR (m3/hr)

97.89% - TVOC REMOVAL RATE (60 min , 9 VOC types)

96.60% - FORMALDEHYDE (furniture)

77.20% - AMMONIA (pet odor)

96.94% - BENZENE (cleaning supplies, Tabaco smoke)

98.99% - TOLUENE (paint, detergents)

98.49% - BUTYL ACETATE (household odors)

98.06% - N-UNDECANE (cooking & food odors)

98.00% - ETHYLBENZENE (paint, varnishes &, cleaning supplies)

98.24% - P-XYLENEOU (paint, adhesives, permanent markers)

98.13% - M-XYLENE (paint, adhesives, permanent markers)

97.89% - O-XYLENE (paint, adhesives, permanent markers)

96.10% - STYRENE (printer, rubber flooring, insulation)


Passed California 65 certification

CE: TST2020051333EC
FCC: TST2020051333-1SC
ROHS: TST2020051333-3RC
CMA: 2005251742



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